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Some example on how to use Magpie:

* magpie_simple.php *
  Simple example of fetching and parsing an RSS file. Expects to be
  called with a query param 'rss_url=http://'

* simple_smarty.php *
  Similiar to magpie_simple, but using the Smarty template engine to do
  display.  Also demostrates using and a smarty plugin to
  parse and display when each RSS item was published.

* magpie_debug.php *
  Displays all the information available from a parsed feed.

* smarty_plugin/modifier.rss_date_parse.php *
  A Smarty plugin for parsing RSS style dates.  You must include
  for this plugin to work.  It also must be installed in the Smarty plugin
  directory, see the Smarty docs for details.

* templates/simple.smarty
  A Smarty template used by simple_smarty.php which demostrates
  displaying an RSS feed and using the date parse plugin.
The Smarty template engine and documentation on how to use it are available from
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